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Custom cartoon avatars

Do you want to get a cool cartoon avatar?
How to get a cartoon avatar? Is a website where you can order yourself or your friends a custom made, hand drawn illustration, which can be used as an avatar or anything you can imagine. These avatars are all 100% hand drawn and made by professional artists.
Cartoon Avatar
Why should I get an avatar?
Avatars are a way to represent yourself online. You wouldn't want this image of yourself to be cheap looking, and sloppy.
Avatoon offers professionally made cartoon illustrations, which are not easy to come by. What you can currently find are mostly cheap avatar generators, which produce lackluster results.
Why do companies choose to get cartoon avatars?
Not only individuals, but whole companies enjoy Avatoons service as well.
One of the benefits of using cartoon avatars is that the employees are represented in a uniform manner, there are no inconsistencies.
Custom Cartoon Avatar
The background can be manipulated, and made the same, and the style is the same as well. On the other hand when using photographs the background, the angles, and the lighting can greatly differ. 
These avatars are a much cheaper alternative to a professional photo-shoot, and unlike the photo-shoots new members can be added later easily, to the already existing roster of avatars.